Our Story

Jam & Spoon is the fruit of 16 years of experience in marketing. The journey began in 1999 with two friends, Roc and Kev, both being intrigued by the early stages of what was about to change the world: the Internet. They decided to join forces to co-create Gravytrain, an integrated digital agency in greater London, and have been on an epic ride ever since! From its modest beginning in Kev’s spare room, the company has grown to a total of more than 30 experts working in a variety of channels such as SEO, PPC, Web-Development, Content & Social.

But they didn’t stop there! In 2015, as part of their continued growth and evolution, they decided to add a PR arm to the company. The idea was to help the clients better engage with their audience while amplifying the content further, delivering better performance KPIs and ROI.  This is how J&S was born.