Jam & Spoon features in eConsultancy

Even though the Jam & Spoon brand may be in its infancy, news of our inception has already been mentioned on leading marketing publication eConsultancy.

In the piece it explains how Jam & Spoon was created to bridge the gap between digitial marketing (more specifically SEO) and traditional PR campaigns. By merging the two, we are able to provide KPIs well above and beyond separate campaigns, promoting a holistic view of marketing both on and offline.

In the piece, Dan Whitehouse, Head of Jam & Spoon and fondly known as “The Don”, said: “Jam & Spoon’s focus is large creative projects that combine our years of expertise in digital marketing to deliver perfectly blended online-PR campaigns.

“Over the past few years public relations and SEO have started to cross paths, however there are only a few companies that specialise in both. Jam & Spoon fills this gap in the market and offers a new breed of public relations with expansive KPIs.”

We look forward to sharing our ever-expanding campaigns and successes with you, however if you would like to know more about our “beginnings” you can read the eConsultancy article in full here.