How “Human” should you be on Social Media?

The way that companies and individuals use social media is extremely different, with the main crux of the issue being that both have different goals when logging into Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. To put it simply, when individuals use social media they are looking to interact with their friends and relevant content, however when companies use… Read more →

What is Digital PR?

Years ago people used to ask me “what is SEO?”, then it became “what is Content Marketing?” and today it’s “what is Digital PR?”. The truth is that all three of these things are connected, along with traditional Public Relations which is now synonymous with the term “PR” even though it constitutes of a number of practices and tactics. You… Read more →

Jam & Spoon features in eConsultancy

Even though the Jam & Spoon brand may be in its infancy, news of our inception has already been mentioned on leading marketing publication eConsultancy. In the piece it explains how Jam & Spoon was created to bridge the gap between digitial marketing (more specifically SEO) and traditional PR campaigns. By merging the two, we are able to provide KPIs… Read more →