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Jam & Spoon is a powerful blend of digital strategists and boundlessly creative storytellers. Our people come from a wide range of disciplines but we all have one thing common: we are singularly smart, passionate and inquisitive. We deliver magnetic content that resounds best with your audience via the most effective channels.

Simply put, we know what makes good stories and we know how to share them. And this is what makes us different: our experience is deeply rooted in the digital world which is why we are experts at leveraging the ever-changing technologies to best serve our clients’ message. In a nutshell, we are relationship builders harnessing the powers of innovation and creativity.


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You may not think they go together but once you try it you’ll be convinced for life! The same is with digital PR and marketing; once two separate industries, Jam & Spoon has combined the best of both worlds to deliver public relation campaigns that are creative yet digitally aware. We want all our clients to feel like they are getting the most out of their campaigns, so grab a spoon and join us!


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